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Mourning / Grief


My Saviour
by MIR Abid

I'll shut my eyes and am pretty sure,
the things ill see would only lure,
but would I get what I've been thinking,
to rule this hell and that's not what am for.

Its a hell and its shaking and people are dying,
my heart is bleeding and the tears are just flying,
the tears fall down and brings out the flood,
where I've been sinking but also surviving.

You call it a life but I don't agree,
where animals are ruling and crimes are free,
there's someone I need to fight them back,
who has those sentiments and all that I see.

They don't really care wherever the tears flow,
they are the cannibals they all get too low,
a valour is needed to fire the canons,
a disease to cure and a real path to show.

Temptations do wrap me and fatiguing me deep,
surveillance is needed who wont see me weep,
half a way drowning and I don't know to float,
an up thrust is needed which wont let me sweep.

Where are you my Saviour why don't you appear,
to fight Armageddon and make crystal clear,
I can't bear alone these pains and the wounds,
resurrection is near and I don't have my spear.
MIR Abid
Listed 10/27/2005
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