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 Short Story

Considered Insignificant
and Lowly Too?

By Denny Lancaster

There was once a grain of sand who thought that he was the most insignificant and lowly of Gods creations. One day a petite pea danced by, saw the grain of sand and asked why he was crying, for if the tears continued there would be a great ocean and she could not dance upon the dry land. He did not respond, so the pea danced and danced until she saw an itty-bitty seed laying of the barren ground, who was also sad, but not crying for all of us know that mere seeds can not cry.

Why are you so sad she asked and the seed responded that try as it may, growth was not possible. So the pea danced and danced until she came upon the gates of a rather large castle, surrounded by a moat, tall towers and archers prancing back and forth along the ramparts. Try as she may she did not see anyone who was sad. Only people who seemed rather busy and paying attention to no one, including herself. Now she was sad, so she danced and danced (this time not so joyfully) back to the seed, who was still very sad.

My friend there is no reason to be sad, for you shall grow because very shortly water will flow over you from the tears of the grain of sand. Oh said the seed, is he sad too? Yes said the pea for he thinks that God did not think of him other than being lowly.

Years and years passed. The oceans did not cover the earth, but were great, the seed was now a forest and the grain of sand? Well his tears broken apart himself and others too which formed other sand and eventually a mountain and on this mountain were many trees, all of which overshadowed the once great castle.

The pea? Well she continues to dance and dance and one day she may find you crying or sad and what will be your fate? Did the pea know the grain of sand was sad merely by the tears? Perhaps, but a pea will come into each of our lives, more often when she is least expected, so enjoy.
Denny Lancaster
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Listed 2/11/2006

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