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 Short Story


By Bernard Shaw

Far away in the country called the badlands where nothing could grow because it was too hot and dry. There lived a man that was known to be the world’s greatest wizard. This wizard was so powerful he could turn dust into the most amazing foods and drinks. He was a very rich man for he just held out his hand and money appeared in plenty.

Dargonwen was the name of this wizard, many a tale was told of Dargonwen. No one had ever seen him only a fool would ride into the badlands where there was nothing to eat or drink. He received no visitors. His only companions was a large Bird commonly known as a Vulture and a huge Irish wolfs hound.

Dargonwen had a secret. In the back of the cave where he lived there was another cave. Thick iron bars separated the two caves. In this cave Dargonwen held three Fairies captive. He caught the Fairies one day as he wandered through Fairyland. He tricked the Fairies into going with him by telling them that he had a very sick fairy in his house and did not know how to look after her.

The three Fairies made many a plan to escape but what with the Irish wolfs hound and the Vulture not to mention the wizard Dargonwen it was proving to be very difficult. The Fairies in Fairyland missed their three companions and asked the Fairy Queen Feeana to help them.

Queen Feeana asked the birds of the air to help. After four long years a goose told the Queen as he was flying over the badlands heading south for the winter. He caught a faint call for help and thought he ought to report it to the Fairy Queen.

Queen Feeana thought about the problem for a while then decided that she too would fly over the badlands to see if she too heard the cry for help. The next time when the geese flew back north to the summer pastures the Fairy Queen flew with them.

As they approached the Badlands Queen Feeana sent out a secret signal that could only be heard by Fairies and sure enough the three captive Fairies answered the call.

The Fairy Queen landed near the cave and changed back into a Fairy. Her first problem was the Vulture as it could report back to its Master all that it saw in the badlands. Vultures are greedy creatures and the Queen waved her wand and a large piece of meat appeared on the ground. The vulture greedily ate the meat and fell asleep the Queen had used some very potent drops of sleeping mixture to drug the bird.

The next step was to put the Irish wolfs hound out of action. Queen Feeana let out a high piercing whistle and the dog came running. It too found and ate a huge piece of drugged meat and was soon fast asleep next to the vulture.

Making herself invisible the Fairy Queen Feeana entered the cave and saw Dargonwen standing over a large flat tub of water. In the water he was watching pictures that kept appearing and disappearing on the water’s surface.

Waving her magic wand Queen Feeana set the three Fairies free and together they turned into four large geese and flew off back to Fairyland. The Wizard did not realize that his three Fairy prisoners were free and became very angry when he found the back cave empty.

Dargonwen called for his Irish wolfs hound and his vulture and was even more angry when he heard how easily the Fairy Queen had out tricked them and he blamed himself for not keeping an eye on the fairies instead of looking into his water pan looking at pictures of the future.

All the Fairies in fairyland were given a magic bead that they wore next to their bodies. If any Fairy in future was to disappear he or she could be found with the help of this magic bead.

Dargonwen is still living in the badlands and he is still alone with just an old vulture and an Irish wolfs hound.
Bernard Shaw
Copyright 2005
Listed 04/11/2005

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