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 Short Story

Feeala or the Broken Heart

By Bernard Shaw

Many thousands of years ago in a far off land there lived a powerful Wizard. This Wizard knew all there was to know about curing people with herbs for most of the illnesses that were around in those far off days. There was just one illness that even he could not cure. This illness was a broken heart. Nothing it seemed could cure a heart once it was broken.

This of course was not entirely true as there are and were ways to mend a broken heart. These remedies did not always work for everyone. Many were cured by hard work. Others found a new love. This mended a broken heart quicker than any other method. Most people found that by throwing themselves into hard work they were able to forget the pain of a broken heart.

One most serious case to which the powerful Wizard was called took place in Fairyland. One Fairy named Feeala stopped eating and drinking when her friend left her for another Fairy. Feeala became so thin that it was feared she would fade away. There would be nothing left of her. As we all know Fairies do not die like human beings they just disappear without a trace.

The Wizard used all of his knowledge and herbs to try to cure Feeala but she just got thinner and thinner. The Wizard decided to call in the Fairy Queen and the council of wise old Fairies. Her Majesty Feeana was shocked to see the Fairy Feeala in such a bad state. Special herbs and powders were tried and the very old parchments were consulted. Feeala got worse and it was feared that she would just disappear like other Fairies had before her.

A Handsome young Prince passing through Fairyland heard of the Fairy Feeala and asked if he could be of help. The Fairy Queen Feeana threw some magic dust over him and led him to where Feeala was sitting. As soon as Feeala saw the Prince she fell head over heals in love all over again. In a matter of a few minutes she regained all of her beauty and looked as she had before her first boy friend had broken her heart.

The Prince and the Fairy Feeala were married and live in Fairyland with their two children. They are very happy and do not speak about the time of Feeala’s bad Illness or of the Wizard that with all of his knowledge could not heal the fairy Feeala.
Bernard Shaw
Copyright 2005
Listed 05/16/2005

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