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 Short Story

The Frog Faerie

By Denny Lancaster

Once upon a time in Dixie land, down near the polka dot forest on a creek which winds from north also south, a prince found a humongous dark-green bull frog whose name was Alfred. Now this was no ordinary large green frog, for instead of croaking, he rhymed.

The prince was about to marry the most beautiful lady in the kingdom of ID and Alfred was asked to compose a poem which would speak well of the princes affection for the maiden. Frog agreed, but on one condition. If the maiden were smitten with the poem, then the prince would compose a rhyme, which spoke of happiness in his life, every day for one year. If one day were missed, then the maiden would be turned into a Frog Faerie. The prince agreed, the poem was written and there was a marriage in the kingdom of ID like no other neither before nor after that day.

The prince was true to his word until day 306 when he decided to go hunting with the Squire and forgot to write a poem of happiness that day. When he returned, his lady was nowhere to be found. He searched both in low places and high places too.

Years passed, the maiden was never found, the prince died with no children to become heirs to the kingdom of ID and our story would have passed away in time except for a chance meeting one day in 1999. In that year a song was heard from certain pages on the Internet.

Perhaps you too have heard a song of happiness, laid out in excellent verse and written by someone who may be the long lost maiden. Perhaps not! But every time The Faerie Keeper sees the word frog, then a wonderful cheer, he cannot help but a venture back in time, a time when the kingdom of ID was tucked between the forks of a winding creek which winds both north and south in the land called Dixie.

Denny Lancaster
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