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 Short Story

Happy Memories

By D. Terese Leonard

In my sleep, I heard the saw in the distance. And I dreamed about being at the cabin. I was reminded of the peace that Mother and I felt there waking up to nothing more than coffee and conversation. In the dream, the reality past….

I slept so sound, so peacefully. As I awake, there is the sweet smell of outdoors, pine trees, a fresh breeze. There’s the buzz of a saw in the distance, insects and chipmunks playing.

I rise, don a robe and head downstairs. There’s Mother. Got her coffee and cigs and gazing out the windows. She appears rested and she smiles a “good morning”. I get my coffee and join her. We talk quietly; it’s so early. We watch the nature going’ on out the big windows, drinking in the beauty and peace.

Dad comes huffing and puffing in asking, are we ready? He’s ready! We smile to each other and say “Yep, going right now!” We pull on jeans and shirts, socks and shoes and hats, take a thermos of something and go out the door. We leave the door open so a breeze can pass through the screen door. It was safe back then. And we follow the dirt paths down to the docks, settle in the boat and head out to fish. The Konkani are running!

I bait my hook; Dad does Mother’s. She winks at me. She knows he feels needed this way. We ease our lines out and settle down to troll. Drinking coffee and smoking, talking quietly then suddenly laugh aloud. The laughter carries over the quiet of the reservoir. Mother’s pole dips. She’s always the first. Then mine. Dad overreacts as usual and there is chaos with reeling, exclaiming, Dad stumbling back and forth with the net. We laugh so hard at him.

Our fish are real nice and about the same size. We admire them then salivate at the thought of dinner. Bam! Dad’s pole goes; he yells, yanks his pole and yanks the hook right out of the Konkani’s mouth! Again. He swears a blue streak. We don’t bother to remind him about the soft mouths of these fish. He’ll get it just before we quit for the day.

Mother smokes a cigarette and I bait my hook and set it aside. We enjoy the view while Dad stumbles around, cursing. Then, we begin again.

Such was the wonderful vacation time I was privileged to enjoy with my parents at the cabin, in the beauty and the peace; the simplicity and joy that was then.
D. Terese Leonard
Copyright 2004
Listed 03/28/2005

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