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 Short Story

Peace I Give Unto You

By James H. Lee Jr.

I was working at the Old Home bakery one night here in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the ovens broke down so it stopped the production. While we were standing around waiting for the engineers to fix the problem, suddenly the Spirit of the Lord said, "Don't waste this time." In my mind I asked, "What am I supposed to do?" and it came to me to get a piece of paper, so I walked over to the paper towel dispenser and tore off a paper towel, and returned to my work station and picked up a pencil. The very second I had the pencil in my hand, the following message began coming into my heart and mind, and I recorded it just as it came to me.

After I had finished recording the message, I folded up the paper towel and went to put it in my pocket, when one of my friends I had been trying to help change his life for the better, came up and asked if he could read my poem. I went to hand it to him and the Spirit said "Autograph it." I immediately asked "Why? I'm not going to give it to him. I'm just going to let him read it." And it came again, only this time, stronger, "Autograph it." So I told my friend to wait a minute, and went and picked up my pencil again, and when I went to sign Jim Lee at the bottom, there was no way I could put my name there, as it came to me as "Love, Jesus."

It was then that I knew who the message was from and who it was for, and I returned to where my friend was waiting for the message, and handed it to him, saying "I am glad you want to read this poem as it is a message to you from your Savior." He said, "Well, let me read it then." I handed it to him and he stood there reading it to himself, and when he had finished reading it, there were tears in his eyes, just as there are in mine right now as I share this with you, and he asked me for a copy so that he could share it with his wife and mom and dad and his brothers and sisters, and put it up on his mirror so that he could read it every day of his life to remind him of that special message he had received from the Savior.

Then another man with whom I had been working to try and help him to change his life, came up and asked if he could read it, and I handed it to him with the same comment, that I was glad he wanted to read it because it was a message to him from his Savior. He took it and read it, and when he handed it back to me he also had tears in his eyes, and he asked me for a copy of it. I agreed to make him a copy.

I share it with you to let you know of the beautiful love the Savior has for we, God's sons and daughters, and hope that you will share it with others as well, as I have done through the years. It always touches those with whom I share it, and oftentimes tears have come to them, too.

Here is the poem which I received that night from the Savior of the world. I did not make it up, nor did I even think about it before I received the instructions from the Spirit of the Lord, to not waste this time. I will be forever grateful to Him for sharing this beautiful message with me that night. Please feel free to share it with those you love.
James H. Lee Jr.
Copyright 2004

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