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 Short Story

Run Away, Don't Delay

By James H. Lee Jr.

Betty and I were playing games with a couple of our grandchildren, and when the games ended, my son was watching his big screen TV, and was there alone, and I decided to get up and go and join him. He was watching a show in which there were college students talking about going to a rally in Washington DC, and joining the thousands who were gathered there to protest something.

When they got there, they started mingling with others who were drinking, and doing drugs, and before long they became involved in doing things they shouldn't, and which I didn't want to watch any more, so got up and went to bed.

About 3:30 AM I awoke, and lay there thinking about the movie, and a poem began forming in my mind, which began as, "Whenever sin comes calling, or knocking at your door, run away, don't delay, for sin is like a magnet, and it will pull you down, run away, do not stay." As I lay there, there was music which came along with it, and I knew that there was no way I would remember it by morning, so I got up and went out into the kitchen and sat at the table, trying to write down both the words and the music which came to me at the time. Once the pattern was set, and I had the notes written down in my spiral notebook, the rest of the poem came to me which I recorded there as well.

When it got light, I decided to sit down at the organ we gave our son and his family, and began trying to play it. When my son and grandchildren got up and came into the family room where I was at the organ, I told them about the song, and wanted to share it with them. They all liked it, and so several times that day, I sang it again, and played it again, to try and fix it in my heart and mind.

When we returned to Salt Lake, I wanted to put the song on paper instead of just the little dots in my notebook indicating how high and how low to go. Not knowing how to do that, I recorded the song on tape, and then sent it to my sister, Jennie, who had written some 80 songs using my poems, and then another 120 songs using her own poetry and music, and soon, here came the music and words all done up nicely. I was so glad.

I hope that in my sharing this great message with you, you might share it with those you love, and who may be struggling, or battling with Satan right now. It is such an important message.
James H. Lee Jr.
Copyright June 2, 2002

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