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 Short Story

Grey or Brown Squirrels

By Bernard Shaw

The year had been good to the folk in Fairyland. The trees had given more fruit than was needed. Fairies had collected all the nuts from the trees and even those that lay around on the forest floor. In fact there were no more nuts to be found anywhere in Fairyland.

The animals especially the squirrels could find nothing to store away for the coming winter months. It would be a long hungry winter for them indeed. Even the birds were finding it difficult to survive without the nuts and dried berries that were always to be found on the trees and bushes. Yes the Fairies had collected even the dried berries that meant no food for the birds in winter.

It was a very serious time for the squirrels and the birds how to get through the winter months without food. One of the birds a cheeky little Robin flew to see Her Majesty The Fairy Queen. He bitterly complained of the Fairies hoarding all the nuts and dried berries. How could he and all the other animals live without food?

The Fairy Queen was very upset to hear this bad news. She ordered all of the Fairies to attend a meeting. All of the little Folk came and wondered as to why Her Majesty should order a meeting at this time of the year. The year was nearly at an end and there would be no more work for the Fairies until the spring when all the new flowers would have to be painted. Not to mention the butterflies.

Her Majesty spoke for a long time in a really serious voice. The Little Folk she scolded, not for collecting dried berries and nuts but for their lack of feelings for the creatures that lived in the woods. Without food all the creatures would die of starvation. This would be a terrible thing for the wild creatures and certainly not worthy of the Little Folk.

The Fairies and other wee folk were so ashamed of their rather greedy behaviour that they rushed off home to their store-houses and gave half of the food to the birds and the other wild animals. The Squirrels were overjoyed at getting the nuts and berries that some of them turned from Grey into Brown as a token of thanks to Her Majesty.

Now, one can see all over the world brown and grey Squirrels thanks to the Fairies who shared their food at a most difficult time.

Bernard Shaw
Copyright 2005
Listed 04/18/2005

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